Sunday, February 24, 2008

Can you run a campaign?

How a politician runs their campaign is likely a good indicator of how they would manage that office if elected. If you can't run a professional campaign, why would I vote for you? I hold the candidates we consider for employment in our organization to the same standard.

Over the past month we have had candidates for senior level positions both at Bond and with our clients who have failed to manage their campaign effectively. While it is always a surprise, it is all too common. Needless to say, these candidates were qualified, interviewed very well, were very accomplished, and did not get the jobs.

If you aspire to getting somewhere beyond where you currently are in your career. Or if you are trying to get off the ground floor, you should pay close attention to what the expectations are of whatever position you are trying to get and work to exceed what is expected. There is competition at every level and the people who are succeeding are doing this very well.

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