Saturday, February 23, 2008

working with more than one recruiter?

are you working with more than one recruiter and/or pursuing opportunities on your own as well. If you want a successful relationship with your recruiter treat them the same way you would your partner or spouse - tell them what's going on. If you receive a job offer you would tell your spouse, so tell your recruiter. They are both trying their best to look out for you and it's just as likely you will damage your relationship with your recruiter as it is you would damage you relationship with your spouse if you don't ... a recruiter can't represent you and is unable to provide guidance to you without your full disclosure. Not to go unrecognized in this post - the impact on your recruiter's relationship with their client. If this is the case, you will have created a situation where your recruiter will likely lose the trust and confidence of a client and/or co worker and you ("the candidate") will likely lose the trust of and the ability to work with that recruiter again.


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