Sunday, March 16, 2008

Economy Impacts Hiring - revision

One day after my last post, Bear Stearns implodes and the fragility of the hiring market in New York was exposed like a bad rash. While the unemployment rate for college grads remains in the 2% range we may clearly be in the midst of a significant hiring slowdown that would create shakeout in the recruiting market.

In anticipation of possibly significant Wall Street layoffs, strong staffing managers in the NY market will become increasingly sensitive to the performance of their recruiters and salespeople. Change in the market presents an opportunity for a strong manager, salesperson or recruiter. If you have the skills, high aspirations and the corresponding dedication the payoff can be better in a weaker economy. For underperformers, it could quickly become a time that expedites the opening of the exit door. Equally at risk are professionals impervious to the required adjustments of a changing market.

What our managers are looking for from our team is:
1. Consistent new client activity
2. Increased responsiveness to existing work flow and clients
3. Dedication and Commitment to excellence and teamwork

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