Sunday, March 30, 2008

Negate the Recession Impact - Outperform the Competition

Over the past weeks I have met with 3 industry professionals in our office and received unsolicited compliments from all on Bond’s front desk operations. I am glad our first corporate impression is such a positive one and am hopeful we are sustaining that level of excellence throughout our clients’ experiences. Thank you Martha for making our clients and candidates feel welcome. There is no greater compliment in business then one paid by a competitor

Two questions will hang over all services companies trying to succeed in the current economic environment:

1. How do we improve the level of service we provide?
2. How do we increase the number of clients we are providing services to?

In a slower hiring market we can’t afford a lapse in services and we also have to sell to more clients to generate similar results. If we provide great service to more clients, we can at least guarantee we will outperform our competition. If we do not then we place ourselves in a high risk position.

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